Boob Simulator:人人都能「自取其乳」!


以”製作在物理模擬與圖形表現上最真實的歐派“為目標,發起了一項名為”BOOB SIMULATOR“的專案;
根據製作者的介紹,該”遊戲”將會採用Unreal Engine 4來開發並採用Nvidia FleX等新技術,
募款金額達到每月100美元則會支援VR(Leap motion),如超過每月150美元─
甚至還會提供更換皮膚材質球功能、連反射或”次表面散射(Subsurface scattering)”等參數都能調整!
這東西當遊戲實在太可惜了!改成開發3Ds Max的外掛軟體吧!(認真)

(以下內容引述自patreon:Support Rathren creating Boob simulator)
…..What will be added
A free demo of the game when the basic stuff is done
The final version of the game will be free
Leap motion support
I will always try to improve the physics to make them as realistic as possible
Different sized/textured/shaped boobs or even a editor to create your boob of choice
Slider to set boob physic properties like stiffness and bounciness
FleX liquid simulations
Different skin materials like glossiness and SSS
Music and collision sounds
Changeable lightning source positions, day/night
Animations like jumping etc.
Add a face that responds to touching the boobs
And much more including your thoughts and Ideas! :)
These are the goals I will always give it my best to make them it possible
but I can’t promises I will be able to do everything due to software restrictions…..
…..Additional notes
If you like this project sharing it and/or your thoughts about it on any forum etc.
of your choice would be deeply appreciated :)
About the goals: everything is probably gonna happen sooner or later even
if they aren’t reached but hitting them will make me work my a** of getting the feature
into the game as fast as possible…..

250美元是增添FleX流體模擬(liquid simulations)、300美元是調整光源的功能,
但作者明明自己說這是一款”遊戲”,卻把”Add a face”這麼重要的選項放在最後,
怎麼看都是比較想做一款真的歐派物理模擬器吧!? XD
這樣的話比起”Boob Simulator”這種直白的名字,

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