…..Comprehensive Instructional
It is a condition of purchase that you watch the PYRO instructional in its entirety,
prior to operating your unit. Adam Wilber goes over the safety precautions,
correct operation and performance ideas for this device.
We’ve given you multiple ideas to get you started –
but the possibilities are truly endless.
PYRO is a true utility device that opens up a new and exciting side to your magic…..
….Multiple Shot Capability
Each PYRO unit comes with 4 individually triggered barrels,
meaning you can shoot off 4 fireballs before a reload is required.
We highly recommend you use only the Flash Packs we supply and recommend,
with each pack containing enough flash cotton and paper for over 60 uses…..
…..Handsfree Operation
The PYRO Unit itself has been designed to contour to the underside of the wrist,
leaving the hand shooting the fireball completely empty.
The supplied fastener allows the sleeve to hide the unit,
while keeping out of the way of the flaming shots.
The remote switch has been designed to fit comfortably and discretely in the other hand,
activated with a squeeze of the fist.
mall and light enough to sit in a pocket when not in use without you –
or your spectators – noticing it’s there…..
…..Rugged & Reliable
As soon as you open the box and feel the unit yourself,
you can feel the quality and level of R&D that has gone into the production of this device.
Over two years of refinements and seven prototypes,
both PYRO Unit and the Remote have gone through hell and back,
pressure and temperature stressed every individual component –
from heater coil though to remote receiver and cycle tested through to failure,
to guarantee performance and longevity of the final unit. What you have after all of this,
is a device that both Ellusionist and Adam Wilber are proud to stand behind…..
…..Fully Guaranteed
PYRO comes with an end to end, 60 day full replacement warranty.
While we’re confident that if the directions are followed you will not have any issues with the unit,
those that may arise can easily be troubleshooted. PYRO’s creator,
Adam Wilber, stands behind each and every unit sold.
If for any reason your unit stops functioning,
Adam has made himself available to answer questions and walk you through any common issues personally.
If after speaking to Adam your unit still does not function,
simply return it within 60 days of purchase for a replacement unit at no cost to you…..

感覺還是有點危險,可是實在太酷了,令人心癢難耐啊! ww

例如相對低傷害程度的”蛛絲發射器(web shooter)”或小叮噹的”空氣砲”等,
這樣真正的中二病患者根本不在目標客群內呀 XD

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  1. >這樣真正的中二病患者根本不在目標客群內

  2. >>就算上了年紀,人們多少還是會妄想能從手掌心噴出火焰,所以還是會有人買的
    所以最後買的都是老中二…..喂!這樣能不能算"大人買い"啊! XD
    但各篇報導看到它第一個想到的果然都是直接丟火球 ww


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