「Terminate the pants」「INVALID COMMAND」

美國公司Vuzix便將推出一款名為”STAR 1200“的頭戴式顯示器(=眼鏡),

(以下內容引述自Vuzix STAR 1200 Augmented Reality System)
…..A high-speed 1080p high definition camera with a dedicated USB connection
enables exceptional performance for marker or object recognition.
The camera, seen by the computer as a standard webcam,
allows for easy adaptation and application support without proprietary software
…..A miniature 6-DOF (Degree of Freedom) head tracker with compass plugs directly
into the STAR 1200 display module providing cooked or raw tracker data
through the STAR system’s control interface.
A VGA Control Box interfaces with Windows based netbook,
laptop or desktop computers or lithium ion rechargeable Wrap PowerPak+ connects
to the iPhone/iPad family of mobile devices, enabling tracker support
…..Removable noise-isolating earphones plug directly into the STAR 1200 for high-fidelity audio.
For applications where an alternate audio system is more appropriate,
the earphones can be removed without hampering the STAR system’s performance
…..Vuzix is one of the oldest names in virtual and augmented reality and decades of experience
have been packed into the STAR 1200 design offering fit,
comfort and adaptability like no other eyewear product.
From it Accutilt® display adjustment, independent left and right eye focal adjustment and
the most adjustable nose bridge system available, the STAR provides comfort and functional
in an aesthetically pleasing package equally at home in the lab or in public
…..AR is an emerging market and Vuzix recognizes the need for custom applications and adaptation.
The STAR 1200’s display system is constructed using an independent display module
containing all the key hardware elements. This module is detachable from the provided
sunglass style frame and can be easily remounted in a framework of your choice,
such as behind safety glasses or an alternate head-mount apparatus

由於沒有對市面軟體的支援Demo,一下就開口要4999美元不知會多少人買帳呢? ww
呀,真能這樣的話4999美元很值得啊啊~ (臉紅)

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  1. >>等N站長的開箱文了
    遠紅外線攝影只是"目測"現實,但用AR可是能"擴張"現實("Augmented" Reality),
    別忘記在胸部的奧林匹克裡,一公分可就是冠軍跟備取的差別啊! XD


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